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End of the year checklists

This post is a part of our "Tech Tuesday" Professional Learning Series

What can you do to clean up your "digital footprint" to prepare for the next school year?

This school year has been a "trial by fire" type of year for most of us.  We have all been thrust into "Blended Learning" and using "The Cloud" quickly and without much experience.  There is hope at the end of the tunnel: End of the Year!!!!!

This is a chance for us to do some housekeeping with our digital footprints and classrooms.  This will help us develop systems and standards for how we organize our digital information and classrooms that will allow us to focus more on our students.  You wouldn't keep a messy unorganized classroom and storage area and try to teach around that, would you?  

To help with this, we have created 2 infographics that have simple steps with links to websites with more information.  The first infographic is an EOY checklist for Google Classroom.  The second is for Google Drive/Gmail.  Following these documents' steps will help you have a smoother digital start to the next school year.

In our next post, we will be showing you how to "download" a copy of your Google Drive.  We will also be giving some tips and information on how long your information is available if you ever have to leave our district.  


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